Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of photographing the new Christmas 2015 range at the amazing 'Jura Lodge'. Although the weather was threatening us we were determined. Keeping our fingers crossed that the boat would go (the 5 minute crossing) and get us back home the same day we heading off on our torrent splitting adventure to our neighbouring 'island of the deer' - Jura. 

I first became aware of the Lodge years ago when I worked in the local bookshop. I was casually flicking through the Glasgow Wallpaper City Guide that listed this unique property as a top attraction and I have been desperate to have a snoop since! I can safely say.......it did not disappoint. I was like a child on Christmas morning when the caretaker let us in and I am thrilled to have been able to showcase my work in such beautiful surroundings. 

As always we had a great time on Jura. I hope you are equally inspired by the images.

Special Thanks to Willie Cochrane and Rachael at Jura Distillery :-) 

N x